First Week

by threedogsandahouse

Well, it hasn’t technically been a full week yet, but it certainly feels that way.  After a long but uneventful journey from Truro to Clinton, we arrived to many boxes and some seriously bad weather.  Over the next couple of days Clinton and the surrounding hamlets proceeded to flood more than they did during Hurrican Irene, and school was closed on its second day (because the business office there was inundated and also due to many road closures).  Many people reported feet of water in their basements, and we witnessed many pipes pouring water into the streets.

The white house, mercifully, was mostly dry.  It probably has weathered many storms in its long life.  It is gracefully and patiently waiting for its face lift as many tradesmen walk through its halls to examine it up close.  The tree man came today to comment on the trees to be removed (picture to follow in the next few days), the window man came to convince me to replace the beautiful old 8/8 windows with some modern approximation, and the floor guy tested the paint on the second floor flooring to find that it is lead.  But most disappointingly, one contractor pointed out that the attic renovation will require an unsightly secondary point of egress to follow code, which might very well take that part of the project out of the equation, after we promised the kids a great play area and slumber party location.  There is still some hope that the architect might convince the Code officer not to require the fire escape, but I am worried.

On a brighter note, we found the perfect tree for a tree swing.  Picture of operable swing will follow in the next few days.