The Path

by threedogsandahouse

There is a path behind the house that leads to a creek.  It has been overgrown during the time that we have known the house.  We were told that a retired man cleared the trail just for kicks.  So last week I called the man, and he came out to meet me at the house.  He was a very young-looking retiree, with a pompadour and side burns.  I told him that, in addition to clearing the main path, we would like to add some loops through the rest of the property.  He demurred on the bushwhacking, but told me he would be happy to continue to clear the path for us.  Today we all went over to the house to inspect the newly cleared trail and found, to our suprise, not only a wide and wonderful trail, a small new, added loop, but also the removal of several downed trees that were lying across the path.  One tree remained, however, because I suspect he thought it framed the creek wonderfully.