by threedogsandahouse

Years ago, when we had just moved in to the house on Otis Street, my mother in law, Bonni, and I, spent many hours at the Boston Design Center, looking for a master bedroom rug, a dining room chandelier, and fabrics for window treatments. On one of those trips we went into Urban Archaeology. It was the first I had ever heard of the company, and although many things in the showroom were nice, at the time my heart belonged to Waterworks (a brand that seemed to sell very similar goods). But one thing I remember striking me from that visit to UA is this light fixture.

I was so smitten with it all those years ago, that when the renovation for this house came up, I thought of that fixture first. And ever since I have been trying to think of the right place to put it. I think I have found a very good location for it – on the front second floor landing.